Ronghuan Jiang

职称:Assistant professor





研究领域研究领域(必填项):students’ mathematical thinking and learning, particularly the cognitive biases in mathematics problem-solving

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Ronghuan Jiang


School of Psychology

Shenzhen   University

No.   3688, Nanshan Ave.

Shenzhen, Guangdong



Phone:   +86 151-1259-8739

E-mail:   jrh_psy@163.com


My research focuses on understanding and improving students’ learning in primary, secondary, and high school. I am interested in students’ mathematical thinking and learning, particularly the cognitive biases in mathematics problem-solving. In my recent work, I study the role of inhibitory control in overcoming the cognitive biases in the field of geometry problem-solving, rational number processing, proportional reasoning, mathematical strategic flexibility, and language learning. I am also interested in the cross-cultural differences in mathematical learning.





Beijing Normal University, Psychology                                                    June 2020

Supervisor: Ru-de Liu


Joint-PhD Student

            Harvard University, Educational Psychology                  August 2018-August 2019

Supervisor: Jon. R. Star



Shenzhen University, Developmental and Educational Psychology          July 2016

            Supervisor: Xiaodong Li



Shenzhen University, Applied Psychology                                                July 2013



Professional Preparation


Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China                                               July 2020 to Present

Assistant Professor, School of Psychology

  • Taught Educational Psychology, an      undergraduate course averaging 60 students per semester, covering the      following topics: learning theories, knowledge and problem-solving,      learning motivation, transfer of learning.

  • Additional post:      Secretary of Foreign Affairs


Funded Research Proposals


The Effect of Discrete and Continuous Representation on the Overuse of Proportional Reasoning in Mathematical Problem-Solving: Exploring the Cognitive and Neural Mechanism, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, 2021A1515010936, 10,000, Ronghuan Jiang, PI. Jan 2021-present.





Journal Articles


Jiang, R., Li, X., Xu, P., & Lei, Y. (2020). Do teachers need to inhibit heuristic Bias in mathematics problem-solving? Evidence from a negative-priming study. Current Psychology, 1-12.

Jiang,R., Liu, R-D., Star, J., Zhen, R., Wang, J., Hong, W., Jiang, S., Sun, Y., & Fu, X. (2020). How mathematics anxiety affects students’ inflexible perseverance in mathematics problem solving: Examining the mediating role of cognitive reflection. British Journal of Educational Psychology. Published online.

Jiang, R., Li, X., Xu, P., & Mao, T. (2020). Why students are biased by heuristics: examining the role of inhibitory control, conflict detection, and working memory in the case of overusing proportionality. Cognitive Development53, 100850.

Jiang, R., Li, X., Xu, P., & Chen, Y. (2019). Inhibiting intuitive rules in a geometry comparison task: Do age level and math achievement matter?. Journal of experimental child psychology186, 1-16.

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Liu, R. D., Wang, J., Star, J. R., Zhen, R., Jiang, R., & Fu, X. C. (2018). Turning Potential Flexibility Into Flexible Performance: Moderating Effect of Self-Efficacy and Use of Flexible Cognition. Frontiers in psychology, 9.

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Jiang, S., Liu, R.D., Jiang, R., Hong, W., Jin, F. (2018). Family Functioning and Bullying Victimization: Effects of Extraversion and Problem Behaviors. Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology [中国临床心理学杂志], 26 (05), 1006-1010

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Li, X., Jiang, R., & Qian, Y. (2014). 5-8 graders’overuse of proportionality on missing-value problems. Journal of Mathematics Education [数学教育学报], 23(6), 73–77.




Conference Papers


Jiang, R., Li, X., Fernández, C., & Fu, X. (2015, October). The Development of Students’ Additive and Proportional Thinking along Primary and Secondary School: A Cross-cultural Study. Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin, China.



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