Message to the President

Message to the President


       Zhou Yongdi, Dean, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, School of Psychology, his research direction is the neural mechanism of working memory. He has presided over a major national social science project, 973 topics, projects at ministerial and provincial-level, more than a dozen international cooperation projects, and published nearly 50 SCI/SSCI research papers.


Psychology is one of the most important and advantageous disciplines in Shenzhen University, and has always been supported by the university. Since its establishment in 2015, with the joint efforts of the founding dean Professor Li Hong, Professor Tan Lihai (the second dean) , Professor Luo Yuejia and all the faculty members, the college has made great achievements in the development of the discipline.


The faculty consists of experts who have made important contributions to their fields and a group of young teachers with development potential. The rational structure of the teaching staff and the integrity of the echelon ensure the sustainability of the discipline development. In the past five years, the school has undertaken the number of national and provincial projects and the total amount of funds, published SSCI/SCI papers and CSSCI papers, etc., ranking among the best in the national psychology circle.


The School of Psychology of Shenzhen University is not only an institution with excellent teaching and research conditions, but also a warm family. We welcome colleagues sincerely to strengthen cooperation with us at home and abroad, and welcome outstanding young talents to join our teaching team. At the same time, we also welcome young students to apply for our college, become our undergraduate or graduate students.



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