Excellent courses

Excellent courses

Positive psychology (National excellent online open course)

Positive psychology is a "science of happiness", which is closely related to all our work, life, family, education and love. This course focuses on the positive strengths and qualities of ordinary people, and studies how to make people live more happily and get positive psychological feelings. It tells us that happiness is not out of reach and that everyone can gain it by learning new methods, new skills and establishing new habits. Happiness is the goal of life. How do you understand happiness? What kind of mentality do you need to create in order to experience the beauty, joy and happiness of life in the current university campus life and the future process of getting married, personal development and creating value? This course will show you cognitive thinking leading to a happy life in all aspects, enlighten your self-cultivation of humanistic care, and help you move from the realm of necessity towards the realm of  freedom.


Developmental psychology (Excellent courses of Shenzhen University)

This course makes full use of multimedia, arranges a large number of teaching materials, and makes supporting courseware of developmental psychology. It demonstrates the key points and difficulties of teaching to the students, so that the amount of information is moderate, the pictures and texts are well-illustrated, and the organization is clear,and it vividly shows the law and characteristics of the occurrence and development of individual psychology to the students. In addition, this course is rich in video materials. For example, when talking about the development of fetus and newborn, we play the "In the Womb" to students; when talking about Piaget's cognitive development theory, we show students videos of Piaget’s classic experiments, such as conservation experiment, three-mountain experiment and so on. When talking about theory of mind, we play experiments of accidental transfer task, surface-reality task and unexpected content task for students. When talking about puberty, we play Growing pains to students. These videos not only help students to understand psychological phenomena and development characteristics more intuitively and concretely, but also stimulate students' interest in learning and mobilize the atmosphere of the classroom.



Measurable heart: psychological test and self-knowledge (Shenzhen University Brand General Course)

This course mainly uses the psychological test as the carrier to promote students' understanding and knowledge of themselves. The psychological tests involved in this course mainly include intelligence tests, personality tests and career interests, which are three major types of tests that are particularly important for the mental health of college students. At the same time, it also teaches some knowledge, skills and ethics of self-madeself-compiled psychological tests and the use of psychological tests, so as to cope with and meet the higher-level needs in work and life.

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