Duo Jiang Ph.D.

职称:Assitant Professor



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研究领域研究领域(必填项): Decision-Making psychology, Behavioral finance, organizational behavior

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1984. 11    13691958650   duo12322@szu.edu.cn   

Ph.D, Associate Researcher/ Assitant Professor

Research interesting: Decision-Making psychology, Behavioral finance, organizational behavior


2011.09-2015.03  Doctor, Managerial Psychology, at ZheJiang University, HangZhou, ZheJiang Province, China     

2008.09-2011.06  Master, Economical Psychology, at HuaZhong Normal University, WuHan, HuBei Province, China   

2004.09-2008.06  Bachelor, Psychology, at HuBei University, WuHan, HuBei Province, China  



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1. 2020/01-2022/12, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 71901148, The mechanism on time allocation of pro-environmental behaviors: The study based on the perspective of prospect theory(RMB 240, 000)

2. 2018/01-2021/12, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, 2018A030310432, The Influence of “Putting a Price on Time” on Environmental Decision-Making and Its Psychological Mechanisms(RMB 100, 000)

3. 2016/06-2019/12, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, 2016A0303100, The Strategy of Intertemporal Choice (RMB 100, 000)




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