研究领域研究领域(必填项):Developmental and Educational Psychology (Research Areas: Classroom Teaching and Learning, Educational Assessment and Counseling, Cognitive Development and Complex Cognitive Processes, Teacher Education )

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Personal Statement

1. Research Direction:  Developmental and Educational Psychology  Research Areas Classroom Teaching and Learning, Educational Assessment and Counseling, Cognitive Development and Complex Cognitive Processes, Teacher Education

2. Learning experience:

2000-2003  Ph.D., Institute of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University

1993-1996  S. M., Mathematics Department, Beijing Normal University

3. Working experience:

July, 1996-June,2015   Lecturer & Associate Professor, Normal College, Shenzhen University  (Head of the Teaching and Research Section & Vice-director of the Psychology Department)

June, 2015-now  Associate Professor, College of Psychology, Shenzhen University

4.  Contact

Tel. No. +86 755


5.  Teaching courses:

   Undergraduate Courses: Psychology, Pedagogy, Developmental Psychology, Psychology and Life, Psychology of Teachers, Psychological and Educational Statistics, Cognitive Psychology of Mathematics.

   Graduate Course: Psychology of Learning, Seminar on Research, Specialized English of Psychology

6. Social Work

The Member of National Psychology Association

The Member of National Education Association

The Consultant of some Middle Schools & Primary Schools in Shenzhen


Scientific Research Situation

(The role of individual in research and previous research projects)

1. 2014-2016  Presided over the study on the construction of urban floating children's care and education system and the orientation of school’s responsibility, an research project of “12th Five-Year” educational science planning of Guangdong, 2013.

2. 2005-2008  Presided over the Research on Evaluation System of promoting teachers development, key issue of 10th five-year educational science planning of Guangdong Province( Serial No. KGY009 ).

3. 2014-2017  Presided over the Practical Research on promoting professional growth of teachers by school-based research, key issue of 12th five-year educational science planning of Guangdong Province.

4. May, 2005-May,2009  As one of the six core experts of China to participate in the Sino- British cooperation project on Elementary education in Southwest China.

5. May, 2010-May,2012  As the group leader of Elementary mathematics curriculum project group.( Publish a large number of electronic publications, which were studied by over a hundred thousand primary school teachers in Shandong province.) The provincial scale project, which was the pioneer in the nation , aimed at promoting all the primary school teachers’ professional development and school-based research with the lesson as the carrier.

6. Jan, 2007-Dec, 2009  Presided over the middle school mathematics part of the sub-project of the National Education Science Program "11th Five-Year" national project(Serial No:BHA060030, Host Unit , People's Education Press): Research and development of evaluation criteria for Mathematics Science in primary and secondary schools.

7. 2002-2005  Presided over the project the Research on mathematics curriculum reform under compulsory education in Shenzhen special zone, key issue of 10th five-year educational science planning of Shenzhen.

8. 2002-2005  Presided over the project the Research on the development of students' autonomous learning ability, key issue of 10th five-year educational science planning of Shenzhen.

9. 2003-2006  Host the teaching research project of Shenzhen University: Curriculum of mathematics education facing the new era

10. Sept,1997-Aug, 1999  Host the teaching research project of Shenzhen University: Comparative study on Mathematics Education between China and America

11. Feb, 1997-Feb, 2000  Presided over the scientific project of Shenzhen:  Teaching reform experiment on metacognition and mathematical thinking.

12. Jan, 1999-Dec, 1999  Host the teaching research project of Shenzhen University: Course system of Mathematics Education.

13. 2000-2004 Host the sub-projects of some key issues of National and ministerial level, which were presided over by Prof. Chongde Lin of development psychology institute, Beijing Normal University.

14. 1993-1996 Participate in the research of the national subject : Modern mathematics curriculum theory and the subject of Central Teaching Department : International evaluation on mathematics ability.


Research Production  (Nearly a hundred Selected, Published papers, monographs, etc.   For details)

1. Wu Kang etc. Snarc Effect: Current Situation, Theory and Suggestion. Psychological Science.  2013 Vol. 36 (5): 1242-1248(CSSCI)

2. Wu Kang etc. Deepening the research on floating children longitudinal tracking. Social Sciences in China. 2016.3.30CSSCI

3. Wu Kang. Teaching with wisdom, Chinese Education Journal, 2009 4 (CSSCI source journals, independently).

4. Wu Kang. Immigrant Children Discrimination of Consciousness and Their Mental Health. Huxiang Forum. 2016.3CSSCI

5. Chief editor of How to grind out a good class -Primary School Mathematics , Higher Education Press (the National Press), Oct. 2012.


Training & Exchange of learning

2006.7--2007.4       the Visiting Scholar of UCLan (UK)

2007.5--2007.8       the Visiting Scholar of University of Hong Kong

2016.42016.8       the Visiting Scholar of Jacobs University (Germany)

2017.82018.2       the Visiting Scholar of Western University (Canada)

April 2 to 4th, 2015 ,on behalf of the Shenzhen University and Beijing Normal University jointed together to host the "Fourteenth National new century primary school mathematics curriculum and Teaching Seminar Series.

Luckily, I have got the support from the school funding to give a speech on July 10, 2015 to 11 in the California State University of Long Beach to participate in the 7th Classroom Teaching Research for All Students Conference (CTRAS).


Honors & Rewards

1.First Award of the fifth Teaching Achievements of High Education, Guangdong ProvinceCertificate No20050083

2. Excellent Host of Teachers Workshop, a National Training Program of Ministry of Education.the only representative of each subject to report to the Ministry of Education

3.First Award of Continuing education curriculum teaching in the first session of Shenzhen.

4.Advanced individual of Shenzhen University.

5.Annual Teacher of Shenzhen .University

6.Outstanding Member of Communist Party ,Shenzhen University.

7.Excellent instructor of educational practice of Shenzhen University.

8.First Award of Teaching Preparation Contest of Normal College , Shenzhen University.

9. First Prize of Outstanding Achievement papers, Guangdong Mathematical Education Committee.



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