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研究领域研究领域(必填项):Health Psychology, Exercise, Cognition, Neuroscience

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Educational Background & Work Experience:

2019.07 –  Present, Tenured Professor, School of Psychology, Shenzhen University

2017.12 – 2019.02, Post-doctoral Fellow, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

2013.09 – 2017.06,PhD, Springfield College, USA

2011.09 – 2013.06,Delaware State University, USA

Shenzhen Peacock Program: Category C Talents. Director for Body-Brain-Mind Laboratory. He has obtained his both master and doctoral degrees in the United States. His research interest has focused on lifestyle behaviors (exercise, caloric restriction, mindfulness) and brain health (cognition and motor learning/procedural memory). Particularly, he is strongly interested in identifying how exercise modalities can be used to improve cognitive function and effectively regulate emotion in both healthy and clinical populations across the lifespan. Meanwhile, his team has used the dual-process theoretical models at which affective (pleasure and displeasure) responses to exercise are investigated in both behavioral and biological perspectives. Such findings can be translated to behavior-change in physical activity and exercise. He has published nearly 80 peer-reviewed scientific articles and currently serves as editorial board member in International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology (SSCI, Q1),Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice (SCI, Q2).

Representative publication [Bold represents Lab members, * = corresponding author]:

1. Zou L*, Herold F*, Ludyga S, Kamijo K, Müller NG, Pontifex MB, Heath M, Kuwamizu R, Soya H, Hillman CH, Ando S, Alderman B, Cheval B, Kramer AF. (In Press) Look into my eyes - What can eye-based measures tell us about the relationship between physical activity and cognitive performance? Journal of Sport and Health Science [SSCI: 2021 IF = 13.077, Q1].

2. Kong CD, Chen AG, Ludyga S, Herold F, Healy S, Zhao MX, Taylor A, Müller NG, Kramer AF, Chen ST, Tremblay MS, Zou L*Associations between meeting 24-hour movement guidelines and Quality of Life Among Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Sport and Health Science. 2023 Jan;12(1):73-86. [SSCI: 2021 IF = 13.077, Q1].

3. Taylor A, Kong C, Zhang Z, Herold F, Ludyga S, Healy S, Gerber M, Cheval B, Pontifex M, Kramer AF, Chen S, Zhang Y, Müller NG, Tremblay MS, Zou L. Associations of meeting 24-h movement behavior guidelines with cognitive difficulty and social relationships in children and adolescents with attention deficit/hyperactive disorder. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health.2023;17(1):42. doi: 10.1186/s13034-023-00588-w. [SSCI: 2021 IF = 7.494, Q1].

4. Zhang ZH, Wang T, Kuang J, Herold, Ludyga S, Li JM, Hall D, Taylor A, Healy S, Yeung A, Kramer A, Zou L*. The roles of exercise tolerance and resilience in the effect of physical activity on emotional states among college students. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology. 2022;22(3):100312. [SSCI: 2021 IF = 5.9, Q1].

5. Chen ST, Guo TY, Yu Q, Stubbs B, Clark C, Zhang ZH, Zhu MY, Hossain MM, Yeung A, Griffiths MD, Zou L*. Active school travel reduces suicide attempts among adolescents from low-and middle-income countries. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology. 2021;21(1):100202. [SSCI: 2021IF = 5.9, Q1].

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