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Eight Feet Companion on Oct.31,2020 |Make public welfare education more convenient and accompany everywhere

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Eight Feet Companion on Oct.31,2020 |Make public welfare education more convenient and accompany everywhere



Perhaps, reading this article, you have had a dream: standing in the classroom full of sunshine, the colorful symbols on the blackboard are your marks, the eyes of both revealed the yearning for knowledge, like the angel you once admired, so that the whole classroom is full of laughter.


Perhaps, reading this article, you are the student who likes to help others, not only is a good helper in life but also in study.You are Mr. Kongming in the eyes of the students.


 Perhaps, reading this article, you are a person who likes to get along with children. The innocence and kindness of children attract you.It is a healing process to get along with them.




Now, you can turn the “perhaps” into a reality.


One Eight Feet



As an educational public welfare organization,it keeps the mind of “Every man brings out his potential and then every family is happy”.It has always been committed to providing a helping hand to families with learning difficulties since its establishment in June,2016.





 In this 4-year journey, Eight Feet grows and expands step by step gradually.It creates a trinity of original service model: “discipline counseling psychological growth and parent-child harmony.  It launches a series of “Foot Partnership”assistance projects this year.






Two Foot Partnership 

“Foot Partnership”has opened the activity called [let me be with you for an hour] recently.



The project [let me be with you for an hour] is launched online.Through the Mini Programs platform ,volunteers help children with learning difficulties and families nationwide.


The appearance of “Foot Companion”cloud platform  made the volunteers and the children break the limits of space and allow each of the enthusiastic volunteers to help students study at home.


Since the launch of the project and cloud platform, the following services are mainly provided.


First, provide “Grow Hour”cloud volunteer homework tutoring services for primary school students who have learning difficulties and need 1-to-1 tutoring.


Second, provide 1-to-1 emotional counseling for children and family members with “one-hour companionship” cloud volunteer psychological support service.


Finally, provide online parent-child fun interaction, parent-child education class, psychological lecture hall and other forms of “warmth hour”cloud volunteer parent-child education service.



 In the past, countless children with learning difficulties have missed the golden age of learning for family reasons.

 Now, we are helping more poor families through the cloud platform.

In the future, we will prove that they are not stupid children because of your addition.


Three volunteers recruitment

It will not only improve your skills but help you grow in character to accompany students on the Eight Feet Platform.

First, you will gain generous volunteer working hours (You can get the certificate of practice if you reach 50 hours.)


Second,you will have an opportunity to accompany children and make an impression on their life.


Third, you will improve your social skills and make many like-minded friends.


Fourth,you can exercise your presentation and communication skills as well as practical skills.


Finally, you cultivate your carefulness, patience, and conscientious and responsible working attitude.


“Let me be with you for an hour.”Eight feet is growing and welcome more and more people to join it.

If you want to do charity work but don't know how to do it, scan the code to sign upCOME WITH US!Only in the group is effective.)

The accompanying study team in Shenzhen University is always recruiting volunteers.Looking forward to your joining.



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