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The Lecture by Professor Wang Xueqiang of Shanghai University of Sport Was Successfully Held on March 12, 2021

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      The Lecture by Professor Wang Xueqiang of Shanghai University of Sport Was Successfully Held on March 12, 2021

At 9 am on March 12, 2021, Prof. Xueqiang Wang from the Department of Exercise Rehabilitation of Shanghai University of Sport, the Dean of Shanghai Orthopedics Hospital, was invited to give us a wonderful lecture entitled "The Clinical Research and Neural Mechanism of Using Exercise to Treat Pain ". The lecture was presided over by Professor Zou Liye, Vice Dean of the College of Psychology.

Firstly, Professor Wang introduced the overview of pain and combined the daily habits of the students to give specific examples of pain. For example, everyone sits for a long time to study and work in a day except sleeping. Many similar bad habits and lack of exercise have caused different degrees of pain to our body, waist, and neck and so on.

Next, Professor Wang shared with us the research on using exercise intervention to treat pain, such as whole-body vibration training, transverse abdominis muscle training, Tai Chi and so on. These exercises can alleviate the pain of patients with chronic back pain. In addition, Professor Wang pointed out that from the perspective of substance, pain would come along with a lack of sodium ions in the body. Medical workers are researching and developing corresponding drugs that supplement sodium ions to achieve the purpose of alleviating or inhibiting pain.

After introducing the neural mechanism of pain, Professor Wang combined the ERP research conducted by his team to explain the impact of exercise on pain from a cognitive perspective. Through different experimental designs, he found that high-intensity exercise could alleviate pain the most. Relevant statistics show that the phenomenon of waist and neck pain in college students is becoming more and more common. In order to prevent students from having incorrect sitting posture, Professor Wang demonstrated the correct sitting posture. According to his publication with other domestic experts and scholars called "Consensus of Chinese Experts on the Exercise Treatment of Neck Pain" and "Consensus of Chinese Experts on the Exercise Treatment of Back Pain", it is recommendable for us do moderate-intensity exercise for at least 150 minutes and 1 to 3 times of strength training per week.

At the end of the lecture, Vice Dean Zou Liye made a brief summary and again expressed his heartfelt thanks to Professor Wang Xueqiang for giving this wonderful lecture to the teachers and students of Shenzhen University. Dean Zou recalled the time he had spent on exercising at university and introduced his current research on improving physical health through exercise. Basing on her own research, Associate Professor Peng Weiwei asked about the difference between the hand-shaking movement when being pinched by the door to relieve pain and the long-term exercise intervention to relieve pain. The students also spoke actively. Finally, the lecture ended successfully in everyone's applause.

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